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Major Quests

The Clutch of Death

Find the Crest of Frost

The Aristocrats found themselves dashed on shore near an abandoned temple of Melora. Knowing a Kraken was within the caverns beneath, they decided that this temple pertained to the third stanza of the poetic prophecy bestowed by the Raven Queen. Inside, the Aristocrats found that, as expected, the temple had been taken over by Sahuagin, which they then purged from the ruins. Deep within they found the Crest of Frost, which then bound itself to Jamben’s arm.


  • Find Trident Key (2/2)
  • Stop Ritual
  • Find Crest
Find the Sign of Fate

Troubled by the growing vagueness of the prophecy, the Aristocrats, with the unintentional help of Captain Diamondeath at Chalan Post, determined that the third stanza refers to the Walled City, Byuriat. Unfortunately, it’s streets are filled with the walking dead controlled by the Mad Priest, Valin, and it’s temple district is playing host to the Winged Bone, Relikas. But despite this peril, the Sign of Fate assuredly rests within Fate’s hold.


  • Enter Byuriat
  • Enter Military District
  • Bypass religious barriers protecting the Temple District
  • Bypass arcane barriers protecting Fate’s Hold
  • Recover Sign of Fate
Find the Clutch of Death
  • Decipher the final Stanza

A Deal with a Devil


  • Retrieve Greater Godstone (Gem Key) of Haeminathunn (1/1)
  • Return Greater Godstone to the Procurer.
  • Retrieve The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd (0/1)
  • Return The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd to the Procurer
  • Retrieve the platinum tome of Bahamut (0/1)
  • Return the platinum tome of Bahamut to the Procurer
  • Rebind Damakos’ demon (0/1)
  • Visit Alluvius Ruskin at Tivum’s Antiquities in Sigil

Minor Quests

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door


  • Trigger gate mechanism (2/2)
  • Open Gate
The Conduit
  • Reach the Conduit
  • Attempt to Weaponize or overcharge the Conduit





Firbolg Camps

Dwarven Entrances

Religious Sites

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