The Old World is lost to undeath. The people who once called the Lands of the Nentirvale, the Sunset Mountains, and others home are forced to find a new life in the slums of Delecanth, far from the cluthches of the Charnel Lord. They thought they could live in this new kingdom peacefully, albeit in poverty. But the dead had other plans. Now the southern reaches of this continent are rising from the grave as sinister forces threaten what’s left of the civilized world. But the peoples of Delecanth are not without hope. From the squalor of Hearthland, heroes have arisen. Heroes who have committed their very lives to saving the peoples of Delecanth and claiming the land in the honor and name of the Magistrate! Wherever danger rears one of it’s sickening head, be it Bandits, Orcs, Dragons, Firbolg, Undead or any other face, these heroes will rise to defend Delecanth! And now the adventuring groups names is whispered among the refugees of Delecanth, a name now synonymous with “Hope”, the name of the Never-Enders. Also, there’s a group of self-centered dicks who will help but only if it’s at a significant benefit to them and they’re begged. These are the Aristocrats.

D&D 4e Campaign

Spibb Mallred